• Thanks to spontaneously arising love for country music and incredible enthusiasm of editor in chief of the magazine Tehnologija Prazdnika"("Event Technology") Yuri Safronov it finally happened.

    The majority of country music players came forward to take part in the event. Others had quite serious reasons to excuse their absence. So, what are festivals made for? Some people would rather say its all because of money and theyll be probably right. But there is another reason communication. Musicians, journalists, guests and friends from different cities and countries exchange their emotions and do it quite positively. Our case is surely supposed to be a good example.

    Now lets turn to the festival itself. Though a small number of people show great love and devotion to village reels, quite a lot came to listen to. The place for the festival was chosen perfectly. The park Museon behind the Central House of Artist turned to be very suitable for such kind of events. Even the weather was fine for beer-drinkers and good music lovers in the open air.

    Yuri Safronov Festival Stage Andrei Lomakin

    We must admit that alert and energetic master of the ceremony Andrei Lomakin did very much for country music in Russia. Kind and light atmosphere produced by acoustic trio Julia & Friends was slowly turned into crazy fun and dancing. Lively sound of balalaika Russian Banjo, newgrass selections and a version of a song Forest deer by Country Saloon from Nizhny Novgorod, good old hard country from the band Phoenix from Cheboksary, traditional country hits from Rifle Shot (St. Petersburg) and Apple Jack (Moscow) made a 6-hour performance seem to be short enough. Thoughtful and gloomy cowboys, romantic ladies and young men, mothers with children, an old man they were all united by this music, simple and very difficult at the same time.

    Julia & Friends Fiddlers S. Novikov and S. Mosolov Konstantin Kazanov Russian Banjo

              Rifle Shot                Apple Jack

    Probably one of the main flaws of the Festival was its early ending. Kukuruza could have played longer, but according to Moscow and Museon laws the event had to be finished by 9 p.m.

                             Country Saloon

                             . , .

    We all know that country music in our country can successfully compete only with shepherds chants from a wild steppe; though in the whole world it fills a significally higher position among popular music. All in all, we have bands to be proud of and to listen to.




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