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A story began in 1975 during the shooting of the movie "Centerfold from Heaven". There met two students: one from the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages Vladimir Ambros from Czechoslovakia , and Sergey Senchilo, who came to Moscow from Kamchatka . One of them by chance had a harmonica in his pocket, another one had a guitar. Very soon they found songs to sing together since they both liked American folk and country music. At that time Sergey played in the role of Romeo in the Spesivtsev Theatre. Dima Sukhin played piano in the theatre band.

Vladimir Ambros Dmitriy Sukhin Sergey Senchilo

Soon a new band called «Ornament» led by Sergey Senchilo (vocal and guitar), appeared in the club of the Moscow Car Institute (MADI). Other students from MADI - Dmitriy Sukhin (piano), Vladimir Galperin (violin, till 1976), and Sergey Bondarenko (guitar, till 1978) - as well as the students from Institute of Foreign Languages Vladimir Ambros (violin, banjo, mandolin, harmonica) and charming singer Eva Kovach from Hungary - joined «Ornament».

Vladimir Ambros and Sergey Bondarenko Eva Kovach Vladimir Galperin

The first concert of the group at the spring student festival was a success. «Ornament» started gaining momentum. Another young group, «Guslyary» (which later became well- known as «Zodchie») led by Yuri Davydov, began its life at the same festival with the rock song «Zodchie».

Sergey Senchilo Yuri Davydov (right)

In the fall of 1976 at a great picnic with songs around a fire Sergey Senchilo met George Palmov - a student at the Moscow Aviation Institute - who played clarinet, block-flute and other instruments which are not typical in country music. He enjoyed country-folk music and started playing in the band, learning more typical country instruments like mandolin, guitar, and harmonica.

At that time many people went through Ornament, some of them attending few rehearsals only. But the appearance of Andrew Shepelev - a student from the Moscow Institute of Architecture with long moustache - drastically changed the sound of the band. His five-string banjo gave «Ornament» its real American sound.

Andrey Shepelev. Despite problems and even prohibitions George Palmov and Vladimir Ambros Andrey Shepelev. Despite problems and even prohibitions

Rostislav Prisekin - a tailor- played in the band for a couple of years (1979-1980) before joining the Soviet Army. Andrey Fechretdinov took over from Rostislav. In 1980 Vladimir Ambros returned to Czechoslovakia for military service as well. Dmitriy Sukhin began his career as a sound engineer and is still successfully working in this field.

Dmitriy Sukhin Rostislav Prisekin Andrey Fechretdinov and George Palmov

After one of «Ornament» shows, Larisa Nuzhdova - a student from the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages - joined the band with her clear voice. Karel Vach (Hawaiian guitar) from the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography and Ivan Sviridov (drums) from the Moscow Institute of Architecture joined the group. So, by 1980 a very good band with a broad repertoire of American, English, and Scottish songs had been formed.

Larisa Nuzhdova (Grigorieva) Karel Vach Ivan Sviridov

. Despite problems and even prohibitions (since "country" was the music of the ideological enemy at that time), «Ornament» was a regular participant of Student Fests in Moscow . The group visited Tallinn for the festivals of political songs twice in 1978-79. The Moscow Komsomol (youth political organization) sent the group on tours to the newly built towns of Nadym and Barnaul in Altai region. «Ornament» concert activity peaked at a wonderful performance during «Opus-81» Fest in Vilnius . Alexander Kazankov joined the band for this tour to sing a couple of songs.

Opus-81 A.Kazankov & «Ornament»

Not only had the controlling KGB bodies followed «Ornament's» activities. A mobile studio recorded several songs for the "Radio Moscow World Service" (foreign broadcasting). «Ornament» often took part in educational programs on the Central TV stations. Several times the group played for the program «Veselye Rebyata» by Alexander Masljukov - the famous moderator of the KVN program. During one such recording «Ornament» met Dmitriy Dibrov from Rostov-on-Don who liked playing banjo and took his first lessons and tips from maestro, A. Shepelev. He started developing his skill, and waited for the year 1981, when all members of the band would graduate from their universities.

Sergey Senchilo Andrey Shepelev

After a great final gig A. Shepelev and G. Palmov went into an army. At this time, Dmitriy Dibrov who had just moved to Moscow played banjo in the band.

But the period up to 1983 was a calm time for «Ornament».

Ivan Sviridov died ...
Sergey Senchilo passed away on 8.02.2002

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